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Flower Pharm Concentrate is the FIRST insecticide made from certified organic soap, pure cinnamon oil,
& certified organic soybean oil.

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Pharm Solutions Inc.
 Organic Insecticidal Soap

This glycerin-based soap controls insects. Organic oils prevent fungal spores from traveling and maturing to disease. Used weekly, Flower Pharm will prevent powdery mildew. Insecticide, Miticide and Fungicide. Your pure and natural answer to Garden Pests.

Your pure and natural answer to Garden Pests. Designed with your family and the environment in mind, all ingredients are pure and natural, food or pharmaceutical grade.

One Liter/33.8 Fl Oz

Pharm Solutions Inc. Organic Insecticidal Soap with Pure Cinnamon Oil


  • Thrips

  • Aphids

  • Spider Mites

  • Whiteflies, Scale

  • Leafhoppers

  • Earwigs and more...

Repeat at first sign of infestation.

Use twice monthly for regular care and feeding.

100% Pure

For years pure cinnamon oil has been known to have exceptional pesticidal properties. Combined with potassium bicarbonate as a buffer in Flower Pharm, we have seen hollyhock rust, geranium rust and snapdragon rust eradicated while controlling garden pests and disease. Pure cottonseed oil is the miticide. Please test first on ornamentals. For best results, water well in the a.m., Then at dusk spray a fine even mist on plants, avoiding blooms. A well known Floridian grower of orchids has eradicated Orchid Mites in their greenhouses using Flower Pharm.

  • This product contains no alcohol or anti-microbials.

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Half Gallon Concentrate
Treats Approximately 2000 Plants

Pharm Solutions Inc. Organic Insecticidal Soap

Attention Growers




Available in

One Gallon of Concentrate
Treats Approximately 4000 Plants

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for ½ & 1 gallon sizes only

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Mixing & Use]


Pharm Solutions Inc.
Organic Insecticidal Soap

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1 Liter Concentrates

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